Farm & Rural

Spectro Home Inspections has experience in the uses and hazards of farm buildings, and can provide the most comprehensive assessment. Our knowledge of pole & timber construction, metal roofing, electrical, plumbing, grading & drainage is essential to evaluate a rural setting.



Farmstead The most important responsibility of any farm owner or manager is to ensure the safety and health of his or her family and employees. Reliable farm structures protects the farm owner by limiting the likelihood of costly accidents. Safe farms protect visitors, co-workers, children, family and animals from accidential injuries. Most farm accidents are completely preventable. A smart farmsteader takes a proactive approach to maintain their buildings and structures.

What Should be Inspected? Farming is an inherently dangerous occupation with a number and variety of hazards that exist. Consequently, it is essential to have farm buildings assessed to be safe sanitary and sound.


Farm & Rural Inspections

Sugested Areas and Facilities to be Inspected

  • Farmhouse & Living Quarters
  • Barns and Buildings
  • Animal Facilities
  • Grain Storage, Silos, and Cribs
  • Workshops & Tool House
  • Grading, Roads, Ditches and Culverts
  • Chemical Storage Areas
  • Fuel Storage Areas





How long will an inspection take?  the lenth of time to conduct a farmsted inspection will vary with the size and variation of the farming facilities. A small farm may only require 4 to 5 hours to inspect. a larger farm with several operations may require 2 days. General farmsted building inspections as well as inspections of barns, out-buildings, silos, and animal facilities may be conducted at anytime.


Spectro Home Inspections will be happy to dicuss a custum quote for inspecting your farm & rural facilities, give us a call today!