Serving a Multi-County Area in Northeast Ohio

Single Family Home

Up to 1,500 Square feet$300
Up To 2,000 Square feet$325
Up To 2,500 Square Feet$350
Up To 3,000 Square Feet$375
Over 3000 Square Feet$425+

Multi Dwelling Home

Double or Side By Side$385
Full Triple or 3 units$480
Fourplex or 4 units$600
Triple with One Unit as a Studio Attic$435



Wood Destroying Pest Inspection$110
Radon Gas Testing$170
Water Testing & Mold TestingCall for Quote
Farmsted & Light CommercialCall for Quote


House at Night

The service fees that are listed are current, but may be subject to changes at the discretion of Spectro Home Inspection LLC. Please call for a confirmed quote.